A LUSH ON A LASH by The Moorings

Label : Mast Productions / Les Productions du Mât
Directed & shot by Marc Linnhoff, P-Mod & Artswaves
DP : P-mod
Edited by Marc Linnhoff
Make Up by Sophie Renier
Costume : Jean Dunz, Adèle Wuncher

Music : Recorded @ DownTown Studio (Strasbourg).
Mixed @ Polydor Studio (Paris).
Available on « Nicky’s Detox »

Thanks to Leanka (Lucky Electric), André Bouchet (Fort Boyard), Alain Chapuis (Kaamelott), Panza Gym, André Panza, Anne Ka, Sophie Renier, P-Mod, Arnaud Masson, Didier Houbre, Gabi, Pub Le Nelson, Marc Linnhoff, Philou, E.Leclerc, André & l’Acoustic, Le Grillen, John Doe & Lionel Grosheny.

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